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Our Process

We employ a fully integrated total wealth management framework that provides a more complete view of our clients’ financial condition and planning issues. This approach leads to more effective decisions in that each component of the clients’ financial situation – estate, investment, retirement, business owner, and college funding planning, as well as insurance, if applicable – is analyzed and evaluated. We then develop an objective, comprehensive, and coordinated financial plan specifically tailored to help meet the clients’ financial needs and requirements.

Our personalized approach helps ensure that we understand all aspects of the clients’ finances and implement the appropriate solution strategies. The plan leads to the solutions, rather than allowing the solutions to deter- mine the plan. To help you toward success, we rely on a disciplined three-step process:

In Step 1, we conduct a holistic audit of the clients’ current estate, investment and business situation (if applicable) and analyze every component of their finances. Based on this information, we develop a comprehensive financial model of the clients’ current situation, including cash flow, tax reduction strategies and estate distribution projections. Clear goals are set. We can then compare where they are to where they want to be.

From an in-depth analysis – Step 2 – we identify the gaps and opportunities between the clients’ current financial planning and their objectives and risk tolerance. We then offer alternative strategies and identify solutions that are an appropriate fit for their situation, and most importantly, are consistent with their objectives. These personalized recommendations form the basis of the clients’ financial plan.

The final step of our process – Step 3 – is implementation. When executing the clients’ financial plan, we ensure each component is coordinated and inte- grated. We are committed to keeping the financial plan current by offering annual renewal services to update their financial planning. d up in the family business. Doesn’t it make sense to coordinate this with all the other areas of their personal financial planning? We believe so.